What You Get

Objectives, Strategies, Tactics. In that order.


  • Internet/online
  • Direct mail/email campaigns
  • New product/service launch
  • Public Relations
  • Customer relationship management
  • Events, seminars, webinars, etc.

Social Media

  • Campaigns/advertising
  • Management
  • Blogs
  • Testing
  • Awareness

Web Services

  • Site development or refresh
  • SEO: Search engine optimization
  • PPC: Pay per click
  • Analytics
  • Web Security

Other Services

Product Management

  • Strategic analysis of where/how product is placed in the market
  • Pricing strategies
  • Product naming
  • Product claims; determining necessary claim support
  • Product positioning
  • Sales training

Business Development

  • Market analysis
  • Product ideation
  • Market research: product usage, price elasticity, product awareness
  • Liaison with R&D, Manufacturing, Financial, Technical Services teams to ensure market needs are being met

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