What Is Your Trojan Horse?



What can the Aeneid tell us about smarter business strategy? A few thousand years has passed since Virgil penned his tale of how to gain a competitive advantage, but it is still relevant today. If you paid attention in Greek and Roman Mythology class, you’ll know the reference: the Trojan horse.


Borrowing on the strategy of the Greeks, the underdogs in their war with the Trojans, developing your product to meet the needs of your target market is critical to success. New businesses are finding success by designing products for niche (not mass) markets, and introducing their products through the appropriate channels.


What is your Trojan horse? Ryan Holiday, in his book Growth Hacking, brings up this elegant but simple question. The answer can be found through identifying your target market, having your product contain the right solution set for your market, and communicating with them where they are most likely to be looking for your product. In other words: targeted, calculated, and accompanied with a Silicon Valley mindset.


Always keeping your customer first as you develop your product is a successful strategy. Because you had them in mind, they will welcome your offering–and not be like that old Trojan priest who was “wary of Greeks bearing gifts.” A solid initial target market, loving your product, will help you spread the word. And that is the the most valuable marketing bang for your buck!

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