Multiple Choice: Corner office, cubicle, or cozy nook?

Where’s your next office going to be? At corporate headquarters, a satellite location, or wherever you have an internet connection? The speaker from a webinar I attended recently, predicted that within the next 5 years, 77% of the population will be independent contractors. The work force is actually returning to the early years of enterprise…when people were working for themselves as farmers, hunters, vendors, healers, and the like.

The idea of lusting over “the corner office” is almost nonexistent anymore, and workspaces are becoming less and less cluttered with gadgets and storage units meant for keeping papers and files together. Laptops, tablets, and smart phones allow anyone to work where there’s connectivity.

Companies are becoming virtual; talent and resources are scouted worldwide. Like the transformation of old factories and warehouses into living spaces, we may be seeing the same with office buildings.

Office space, the endangered list called, and it wants you to join the ranks of typewriters, pagers, cassettes, video tapes, floppy disks, and all of the rest of those things we thought we could never live without!

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