I’d Like to Take You Out on an Interview? Interested?

Interviewing and dating have a lot in common: you meet up, you see if there’s chemistry, fit, similar mindset, all leading up to, one hopes, a long-term relationship. Except the interview process is pretty flawed. Consider the typical scenarios when it goes well:

Getting set up: Not much difference between dating and interviewing – you go looking for the other party either in person or online, or you get set up by some you know (e.g., friend, recruiter).

Step 1: Likely a phone chat/screen to share shining moments hoping to make a good impression.

Step 2: Typically one-on-one, to continue with shining moments, best behavior, and sharp dressing.

Step 3: Okay, here’s where it gets weird…who would bring significant family and friends on a 2nd date? That’s what happens in the recruitment process, right? You get to now meet with several key people within the organization.

Step 4: And weirder, if everyone likes you…cue the roses, champagne, diamond solitaire, and suitor on bended knee. Because this is when you get the job offer.

Step 5: And weirder still, if you accept…a quick, quiet ceremony and then move right in!

Over time you work for job satisfaction, added value, and compensation…’til death do you part, so on the upside, that’s living happily ever after.

Or, perhaps the downside occurs, you feel stuck, bored, dissatisfied; so you quit, or worse, get fired. Hopefully you’ve kept your skill set sharp and stayed in shape, because the divorce has you back on the market again!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to start the relationship with a time-limited contract? Live together for a little while; see what it’s like over some time. If the relationship still makes sense, and if there’s still some honeymoon left at the end of the contract term, wouldn’t that be the better time to make a long-term commitment?

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